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Why Your Job Search is Not Working

Private 1:1 coaching for working professionals who want to move forward

New Economy, New Job Search

Your job search—or career in general—might not be working like you hoped because we're in an economy we weren't fully prepared for. It's like trying to conquer a new terrain without the right map.

Our careers are shaped by the economy we experience in our lifetime. Economies change over time and it is important to be prepared and make decisions based on the economy we find ourselves today. That means today's economy across the globe, even in a city like booming Seattle, is different than the economy of our parents—or even 10 years ago. And it will be very different from today in 10 more years.

In this guide I explain why your job search is not working (TLDR: there’s a new economy in town you were never prepared for, but I got you covered). As a Career Counselor, Career Consultant, and Job Coach that coaches and reads entirely too much (and may have too many job titles!), I will explore with you how the conventional wisdom you were taught limits your prosperity.

I will delve into the distinctive characteristics of today's economy and provide insights on how you can adapt to thrive in this evolving landscape. I will discuss where the economy is heading and provide guidance on how to position yourself for success in an unpredictable future.

Why Isn't Your Job Search Working?
Assessing the Situation

The "Right Job" is Not Enough

While seeking guidance from career consultants is invaluable, it is essential to recognize that not all advice is created equal. In today's rapidly changing job market, a job coach may offer outdated or misguided information that could steer job seekers in the wrong direction. To ensure your success, it is crucial to understand what’s really going on.

Many of us believe that if we find the right job, we'll be set up for life. It's what our parents taught us. It's what their parents taught them. It was the world our parents and grandparents lived in—so naturally, they prepared us for the same.

The math went something like this: the older you get + as long as you work hard = the more money you make + you’ll be content (enough).

But in almost all cases, that calculation does not hold true any longer. Lifelong employment and security are not our reality. In fact, in 2022 it was estimated that most Americans will have 12 jobs during their lives. Canadians are predicted to have even more, with an average of 15 jobs in their lifetime.

Where's My Golden Watch?

Instead of the facts of today's economy, you were probably taught the "Golden Watch Fallacy."

Lifelong job security started proliferating in the 1940s when employers rewarded loyalty with a literal golden watch. The saying was, "You gave us your time, now we give you ours." The golden watch turned into comfy pension plans and other entitlement programs (more practical than a golden watch), but the same mentality applied: you don’t have to love your job, but if you are loyal and stick it out, you’ll be rewarded with lifelong security. That is if you choose one of the "good jobs" like a teacher, doctor, lawyer, carpenter, builder, or something else mainstream and recognizable. A "good job" is often thought of as a job we know will always have work because there is predictability for its demand in the world.

Are you one of the many people whose family tells them to work hard, get a "good job," and things will be fine? If so, you probably did that—then why don’t you feel fine? Because things have changed.

Just how have things changed in the job market?

Gig Economy 101

Are you living in an advanced country? Then you work and live in a growing gig economy. The gig economy is growing every day as a proportion of our global economy. That means project-based work defines more and more of the type of employment we can expect now and moving into the future. This calls for adaptation, learning new skills, opening ourselves to change, and making sure you know how to steer that change in your own career and life.

Let’s illustrate this more clearly with a real city. Who here is from Seattle? Who has visited Seattle? A growing gig economy is something especially relevant in Seattle. The city's vibrant tech and startup scene, coupled with its entrepreneurial spirit, has propelled the gig economy to new heights. Gig work, such as freelance projects, contract positions, and short-term assignments, has become increasingly prevalent in Seattle's job market.

Seattle as an Example

In this dynamic environment, traditional notions of lifelong employment and job security have shifted. The once-reliable path of securing a "good job" in Seattle, such as working for a large corporation or pursuing a stable career in a traditional industry, no longer guarantees long-term stability. The rise of technology, automation, and global economic shifts have disrupted these traditional career trajectories. 

Seattle's job market reflects the changing nature of work. Companies, both established and emerging, are seeking agile, adaptable professionals who can navigate the gig economy and embrace new opportunities as they arise. The ability to continuously learn, upskill, and pivot has become essential for individuals in Seattle who aim to thrive in this evolving landscape. As a Job Coach, Career Counselor, and Career Consultant serving the greater Seattle areas, I understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the city's dynamic job market. My expertise lies in helping individuals navigate this gig economy, identifying their strengths, and positioning themselves for success in an unpredictable future.

Zooming out to the International Level:
High-level Global Economic Trends

Jobs Around the Globe

Expect major shifts in the worldwide economy. Economic power will partly shift from Western countries (like the US and Europe) to Asia, mainly China and India, during our lifetimes. This transition is unfolding in tandem with factors such as mounting concerns about climate change, significant migration patterns, and various unpredictable events. As a result, we need to understand our passions, what we can offer, and what we're looking for in this changing economic landscape.

The advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) alone will drastically reshape the nature of jobs and how we approach employment. Employers will use streamlined resume screening, rapidly sifting through large volumes to identify key qualifications and expedite candidate selection. AI-driven pre-employment assessments provide objective insights into candidates' skills and personality traits, supplementing traditional evaluation methods. Video interview analysis, enhanced by AI, scrutinizes verbal and non-verbal cues, offering nuanced insights into candidates' communication skills and cultural compatibility. These are just a few of the ways we can expect the hiring process to change.

Employers will also use AI to customize work environments for maximum productivity. AI will answer the question, "How can we design your job to get the most value from you as an employee for this specific project?" This could lead to the decline of traditional jobs, as the gig economy (freelancing and short-term work) becomes more prevalent across different industries. AI's ability to divide tasks and assign them to the most suitable individuals will redefine how work is structured.

The key point here is your job search lies in your capacity to articulate and showcase your unique qualities effectively, allowing you to emerge distinctively amidst the multitude of applicants. It's not merely about listing qualifications; it's about crafting a compelling narrative that highlights your strengths, experiences, and the value you bring. Employers seek individuals who can not only meet the job requirements but also contribute distinct perspectives and skills to their team. Therefore, developing a robust personal brand and emphasizing your individuality is essential in ensuring that you capture the attention of employers and stand out as a noteworthy candidate in a competitive job market.

Headshot of Woman

Meet The Coach

Hi, I’m sophee.

I’m an international career coach based in Vancouver, Canada who uses positive psychology, ontology, and strength-based analysis – to help people identify what they are looking for and how to find long-term happiness, growth and fufillment in their professional and personal lives.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy (And Prepared)

Reskilling is Power

Despite the uncertainties, there is much to anticipate in the coming decades. While it may feel overwhelming to navigate this new economy, take solace in the fact that you are armed with knowledge and support. Reskilling and adapting to emerging job trends will become the norm, allowing you to transition from disappearing jobs to emerging ones seamlessly. Transitioning from disappearing jobs to emerging ones is one of the most important job market issues you will experience in your lifetime, and now you know that coaching can help! That’s a win in my book.

Be kind to yourself and know that it is not your fault if you don’t know how to pivot in your career in this new economy. Parents, teachers, friends, bosses—basically no one teaches this stuff. But that means the future belongs to those who take initiative. You have to opt-in and show initiative because it affects you and your quality of life and the longevity of your usefulness in the economy. Simply by reading this far, what a fortunate position you are in to excel in this new era!

Not All Advice is Equal

Just be sure to evaluate the insights and support from any career counselor you meet. It is vital to critically evaluate the advice you receive. Be on the lookout for outdated notions of job security and consultants who underestimate the gig economy and the importance of continuous learning. Stay informed, seek multiple perspectives, and align your strategies with the current job market. Embrace adaptability, continuous learning, and a proactive approach to navigate the professional landscape effectively. Job security is like chasing a unicorn, so be flexible and open to new opportunities. Dive into the new economy with enthusiasm and make continuous learning your secret weapon. By being discerning and proactive, you can make informed decisions and maximize your potential in this ever-changing world of work. 

So let us step forward with unwavering confidence because we are the lucky ones armed with this knowledge of what's to come. We know that the new economy presents a world of potential waiting to be explored when equipped with this information and mindset. Our careers are not defined by the limitations of the past but by the limitless possibilities of the future.

What clients are saying about working with Sophee

“Once you are in it, you can see results.”
Chin Chi - Art Therapist, Our Oasis Therapy

Chin Chi

Art Therapist, Our Oasis Therapy

Unbelievable results after coaching
Chin Chi - Art Therapist, Our Oasis Therapy

Ryan Loney

Sports and Recreation Professional

Wen Dee on getting past a career ceiling and becoming an authentic leader
Chin Chi - Art Therapist, Our Oasis Therapy

Wen Dee Wong

Portfolio Manager

Kasey on overcoming self-doubt and what that made possible for her
(spoiler alert: check out her new business)
Chin Chi - Art Therapist, Our Oasis Therapy

Kasey McCandless

Founder of Playsticity

Oleg on putting insights together into a big picture he keep take real action on
Chin Chi - Art Therapist, Our Oasis Therapy

Oleg Tkhoryk

Team Lead and Senior Data Analyst

Harlow on negotiating for a promotion and powerfully self-advocating for himself
Chin Chi - Art Therapist, Our Oasis Therapy

Harlow Lachance

Data Analyst

Sophia on facing hardship in her career that knocked her confidence, but finding clarity and transforming into a strong advocate for herself
Chin Chi - Art Therapist, Our Oasis Therapy

Sophia Wilson

Climate Action Strategic Communications

“I could feel that coaching was working when I started to approach job searching with a different mindset.”

Before I met Sophee, I was feeling very stuck. I was lacking focus, feeling like there are too many options, but like I had no options at the same time. I could feel that coaching was working when I started to approach job searching with a different mindset. I was able to see how I might be getting in my own way and started to learn that I have nothing to lose if I go all in towards my goal. It was helpful when Sophee would ask me why I believe certain things, and I learned these beliefs/fears are not the reality. I am now convinced that it is possible for me to reach my goals and find a fulfilling job that I  will be proud of.


Vancouver, Canada

“Through her questions, we were able to find a good memory I had that I didn't realize I could utilize to have high confidence myself again.”

In just one session, Sophee allowed me to come to certain realizations that I couldn't have come to on my own. Sophee is incredibly easy to talk to and that made me feel relaxed and at ease, even when I felt tense talking about the root cause of my fear of failure. She was also perceptive to my body language while I was talking about certain thoughts, which I can imagine isn't the easiest thing to do over Zoom. Through her questions, we were able to find a good memory I had that I didn't realize I could utilize to have high confidence myself again. It is very clear Sophee knows what she is doing!

Nur Awad

Tamra, Israel

“I was able to get the dream job I had been wanting for a long time!”

I wanted to try career coaching because I was struggling to break out of the unsuccessful routine I had fallen into in applying over and over for years. It had become such a familiar routine that I couldn't see any other options. I wanted to change but I didn't know what I could do differently. Being able to reframe my negative experiences as positive desirable qualities gave me hope that my future doesn't have to reflect my past. I felt more confident about interviews and as a result I was able to get the dream job I had been wanting for a long time!

Jenn Pomponio

Hayward, California

“Since working with her, I have been asked to join a company as a partner instead of an employee, which is better suited to my entrepreneurial spirit.”

I was experiencing burnout in a field that I was no longer passionate about and had no idea where to go next. I feel a lot more at ease about my future. Working with Sophee helped me regain my confidence and be more intentional about how I presented myself to potential employers. Since working with her, I have been asked to join a company as a partner instead of an employee, which is better suited to my entrepreneurial spirit. Sophee helped me realize that this type of working relationship is part of what I need to be happy and have a balanced working experience.


Vancouver, Canada

“Now I feel confident that this new career field was the right one for me.”

Walking away from the coaching experience, I achieved my ultimate goal: I transitioned into a new field, earning a higher salary than I did before, without having to go back to school. The tools and resources Sophee shared along the coaching journey made a huge difference in the transition process. The mock interview we did before my real interviews helped me to practice and feel more prepared, which ultimately led to me landing a job in a new field, like I had hoped. I also learned strategies for my mindset that I will use in the future when I'm feeling stressed again. Now, I get out of the stress zone faster. I was surprised that some of the sessions had such deep questions. I think I was surprised by some of my own answers to those questions. I appreciated them because they made me think through things and recognize the "why" behind some of my approaches to life and job seeking. Now I feel confident that this new career field was the right one for me.

Valerie Moroz

Austin, Texas

“Coaching helped me focus on breaking down abstract goals into something more tangible and approachable, identifying the gap between where I am and where I want to be.”

My overall goal was to get a new job that was more aligned with me, and I got it! Sophee supported me with creating actionable items, and then being accountable to them really helped in taking steps towards my goal. The coaching helped me focus on breaking down abstract goals into something more tangible and approachable, identifying the gap between where I am and where I want to be, and keeping a positive mindset throughout the whole process. I'll certainly be more positive about myself and my value. I have a tendency to skew negative, and the coaching experience helped me realize how doing so can be more self-sabotaging than anything else. I spend so much time thinking about "what if things don't go well;" it helped to have someone counter "but what if they do?"

Emil Yan

“I saw that she genuinely cared and wanted to help support me.”

Working with Sophee allowed me to see that I can find ways to make small improvements in my current role which can have large impacts to overall quality of life, and I'm examining why I think a certain way and how to make that thinking work for me. I surprised myself with how open I was and how much I was willing to share with Sophee. I think this is because of how comfortable she made me feel and I felt like I could trust her because I saw that she genuinely cared and wanted to help support me. I would also say that I really appreciated the resources she was able to share with me that I did not know even existed.

Koonal Patel

“I no longer felt the anxiety I have always felt.”

I was so indecisive before this coaching program. I was unable to make my own decisions and I was always looking to people for answers so I could avoid making my own decisions. Things really started to change when I got in the swing of having boundaries set. I no longer spoke to my friends and family every single day, allowing me to make my decisions. I no longer felt the anxiety I have always felt. It’s all still a work in progress, but I now can recognize the things I need to continue to work on and the growth that I have had since starting with Sophee.


Vancouver, Canada

“I have become more self aware and confident.”

In the beginning of our session, I was very apprehensive. I did not know what I was looking for or what I wanted to change. Through the journey, I explored more about who I was and what were the characteristics that defined me. I also identified what I wanted and learnt to achieve it. I have become more self aware and confident. I have also learnt to not be afraid of the future but look forward to it. I also had an issue regarding making informed decisions and I believe it has also been resolved.

S. Ramkumar

Mumbai, India