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What is Career Coaching?

Coaching is for Feeling Stuck

It's normal to feel stuck in our career from time to time. But if this is lasting longer than what's normal for you, then it's time to break free and embark on a transformative journey called career coaching

Most people haven't had the opportunity to experience the power of coaching sessions, which is why I always offer a coaching session before inviting you to the full program. It's like swimming—you can't fully understand it just by hearing about it; you have to dive in and experience it for yourself. The same goes for coaching. How can you know if you'll like it or if it's right for you unless you actually try it? 

But here's the deal: before our first introductory call, I want to give you a chance to get all cerebral about coaching. This info is seriously valuable—it'll give you a solid grasp of the potential benefits that coaching can bring to your life and career. It's an opportunity for you to gain some insights and truly understand how coaching can propel you forward on your career journey. Trust me, you won't wanna miss out on this opportunity to level up!

What is Career Coaching and
What Can it Do For Me?

Career Coaching 101

Feeling stuck is totally fixable. So don't worry, I've got just the thing to help you out: coaching! Now, hold on to your career hat, because I'm about to explain what coaching is and how it can work wonders for someone like you who's looking for a way out of the stuckness. 

Imagine this: you know you want something more from your career, but you're not quite sure what that "something" is. You feel like you're treading water, going through the motions day after day, without a clear direction or a sense of fulfillment. That's where coaching swoops in like a superhero with a tailored cape!

Coaching is like having a personal guide who helps you uncover your hidden superpowers, strengths, and passions. It's all about working together to dig deep and discover what really lights you up inside. Your coach will ask you thought-provoking questions, like a detective on a mission, to unlock the answers that have been hiding within you all along. 

But here's the best part: coaching is not just about talking. It's about action! Your coach will help you set achievable goals and create a plan of attack to get you moving forward. They'll be your accountability partner, cheering you on, and gently nudging you when you need that extra push. They're like your trusty sidekick, supporting you every step of the way.

But can coaching really help me?

You also may ask, "How is it any different from just talking to a friend?" First of all, where has talking to friends and family gotten you so far? It’s not their fault, but they don’t have the tools to help you if you’re still stuck. Secondly, coaching is a whole new ballgame. Your coach is a trained professional who specializes in unlocking your potential. They have a whole toolbox of techniques and strategies to help you gain clarity, boost your confidence, and take meaningful action.  

Here's the kicker: coaching isn't about giving you all the answers. It's about empowering you to find your own answers. Your coach won't tell you what to do or make decisions for you. Instead, they'll guide you through a journey of self-discovery and practical strategies, helping you tap into your inner wisdom and find the solutions that are right for you. And your coach will hold you accountable to take the actions you need to make your dream a reality. 

Coaching is like a secret weapon for getting unstuck. It's not a magic potion that will instantly solve all your problems, but it's a powerful tool that can ignite your motivation, reignite your passion, and propel you towards the career you've been dreaming of.

The Truth Behind Coaching

Coaching and Mindset

Coaching can give you practical tools, resources and advice to supercharge your career confusion into career clarity. But you can’t underestimate what else it does—change your mindset.

It is absolutely necessary to understand how important our mindset is during big transitions to understand how coaching works.

Our mindset acts as a powerful filter through which we perceive the world. When we're trapped in a cycle of frustration and discontent, it's like wearing a pair of foggy glasses that limit our vision. But fear not, because coaching wipes away that fog and upgrades your lens, allowing you to see opportunities and potential that were previously hidden from view.

Time to Upgrade

Just as you would upgrade your phone or computer to unlock new features and capabilities, upgrading your mindset empowers you to access a whole new level of potential. It's like trading in your old, outdated model for a shiny new version that's optimized for success.

When you can see new possibilities, you can start to question old beliefs that might not be creating the life you want anymore. Because the truth is, the reality you experience is only able to expand to what you believe is possible.

Through coaching, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Your coach will guide you in challenging limiting beliefs, breaking free from external and self-imposed barriers, and embracing a mindset of abundance and possibility. This process will help you develop resilience, optimism, and a growth mindset that will serve as the foundation for your professional transformation now and for the rest of your life.

As you upgrade your mindset, you'll start to see opportunities where you once saw roadblocks. You'll develop a keen eye for spotting possibilities that others might overlook. That dream job or career change that seemed impossible before will suddenly become within reach. You'll see the potential in yourself and tap into a wellspring of confidence and motivation to pursue your aspirations.

Even When Other Problems are Present,
Mindset Matters

Suspicious of Resistance

Here's an example of how a shift in mindset can change your life. Luke wants to do something that requires an advanced degree—but he's not willing to spend years to complete it. Maybe his priority is not the perfect job, it’s just one that isn’t soul-sucking and gives him a life outside of work. Even this seemingly practical problem is aided by a shift in mindset.

What if we could find the essence of why Luke loves that career and see what possibilities exist without years towards another degree? Just be wary when your mind presents a problem to you. You have a right to be suspicious. We often resist changing our mindset, convincing ourselves that we need to change everything else first. We might say things to ourselves like:

“I just need more time to figure it out.” 

“The right career will happen if I work hard enough.” 

“If I had more money, I could do what I really want to do.”

But I’m going to be honest because any great coach needs to be totally transparent with you. These kinds of beliefs are lies your mind tells you to placate you. Most minds tell you they are perfectly okay with the way they are now and don’t see any need to change, thank you very much.  

Here's the truth anyway: your mindset holds the key to unlocking the career you've always wanted. But don’t take my word for it. Let's explore how career change counseling, coaching services, and career guidance can help you  transform your mindset so you can make your dreams a reality.

Headshot of Woman

Meet The Coach

Hi, I’m sophee.

I’m an international career coach based in Vancouver, Canada who uses positive psychology, ontology, and strength-based analysis – to help people identify what they are looking for and how to find long-term happiness, growth and fufillment in their professional and personal lives.

I’m interested. Tell me more about the benefits of coaching,
exactly for someone in my position.

As long as you remain dedicated to putting in the effort during your coaching sessions,
the most significant benefit manifests in clarifying concrete, meaningful career goals.
Yet, the rewards extend far beyond the attainment of your initial goal.

If you choose to take responsibility for your career and life, there are 5 main ways you will see coaching transform you:

Embracing Change

There's a clear path to fulfilling career change. But let's face it, change can be intimidating. We're creatures of habit, comfortable in our familiar routines. However, when it comes to a career change, real transformation starts with a shift in mindset. That's where career coaching comes in. By embracing the possibility of change and seeking career guidance, you're taking the first step toward the fulfilling career you desire.

Identifying & Conquering Limiting Beliefs

We all have those nagging thoughts that hold us back: "I'm not qualified enough" or "It's too late to change." Career change counseling helps you identify, confront and challenge these limiting beliefs head-on. You'll explore your aspirations, address fears, and gain clarity about your desired career path. Counseling provides a safe space to express your concerns, uncover hidden potential, and build the confidence needed to navigate a successful career transition.

Navigating with Career Guidance Services

When embarking on a career change, it's essential to have something more than a roadmap—you need a compass to guide you through inevitable changes. Coaching helps you create the compass and use it long after coaching has ended. Career guidance services also provide valuable insights into industries, job markets, and potential career paths. With expert guidance, you can align your skills and passions with the right opportunities, setting yourself up for success in your chosen field.

The Magic of Career Coaching

Imagine having a dedicated coach by your side, supporting and guiding you throughout your career change journey. Career coaching services offer precisely that. Your coach acts as a trusted partner, helping you identify your strengths, values, and interests. Together, you'll develop a customized action plan and tackle any obstacles that come your way. With their expertise, a career coach empowers you to make informed decisions, stay focused, and unlock your full potential.

It's time to break free from the confines of your current reality. Embracing a new mindset is the key to unlocking the career of your dreams. While change may seem daunting, career change counseling, coaching services, and career guidance are here to support you every step of the way. Transforming your mindset opens doors to endless possibilities. So, take the leap, embrace the journey, and watch as your dream career unfolds before your eyes. Your future is waiting!

Sophee Payne - You want your work to mean something

Despite the uncertainties, there is much to anticipate in the coming decades. While it may feel overwhelming to navigate this new gig economy, take solace in the fact that you are armed with knowledge and support. Reskilling and adapting to emerging job trends will become the norm, allowing you to transition from disappearing jobs to emerging ones seamlessly. Transitioning from disappearing jobs to emerging ones is one of the most important job market issues you will experience in your lifetime, and now you know that coaching can help! That’s a win in my book.

Be kind to yourself and know that it is not your fault if you don’t know how to pivot in your career in this new gig economy. Parents, teachers, friends, bosses—basically no one teaches this stuff. But that means the future belongs to those who take initiative. You have to opt-in and show initiative because it affects you and your quality of life and the longevity of your usefulness in the economy. Simply by reading this far, what a fortunate position you are in to excel in this new era!

Just be sure to evaluate the insights and support from any career counselor you meet. It is vital to critically evaluate the advice you receive. Be on the lookout for outdated notions of job security and consultants who underestimate the gig economy and the importance of continuous learning. Stay informed, seek multiple perspectives, and align your strategies with the current job market. Embrace adaptability, continuous learning, and a proactive approach to navigate the professional landscape effectively. Job security is like chasing a unicorn, so be flexible and open to new opportunities. Dive into the gig economy with enthusiasm and make continuous learning your secret weapon. By being discerning and proactive, you can make informed decisions and maximize your potential in this ever-changing world of work. 

So let us step forward with unwavering confidence because we are the lucky ones armed with this knowledge. We know that the gig economy presents a world of potential waiting to be explored when equipped with this information and mindset. By embracing adaptability, continuous learning, and a proactive mindset, we can navigate the evolving job market with resilience and grace. Our careers are not defined by the limitations of the past but by the limitless possibilities of the future.

Sophee Payne - Imagine what your life would be like if

How The Forward Method Works


Identify what motivates and inspires – as well as what drains you – so we can clearly understand what it is you are looking for in your professional life.


Create a tangible strategy that integrates your skills, experience, long term goals and financial expectations – so we can build a roadmap to get you there.


Improve workplace skills like communication, negotiation, leadership and mindset, so you can feel confident about the direction of your career.

What clients are saying about working with Sophee

“Once you are in it, you can see results.”
Chin Chi - Art Therapist, Our Oasis Therapy

Chin Chi

Art Therapist, Our Oasis Therapy

Unbelievable results after coaching
Chin Chi - Art Therapist, Our Oasis Therapy

Ryan Loney

Sports and Recreation Professional

Wen Dee on getting past a career ceiling and becoming an authentic leader
Chin Chi - Art Therapist, Our Oasis Therapy

Wen Dee Wong

Portfolio Manager

Kasey on overcoming self-doubt and what that made possible for her
(spoiler alert: check out her new business)
Chin Chi - Art Therapist, Our Oasis Therapy

Kasey McCandless

Founder of Playsticity

Oleg on putting insights together into a big picture he keep take real action on
Chin Chi - Art Therapist, Our Oasis Therapy

Oleg Tkhoryk

Team Lead and Senior Data Analyst

Harlow on negotiating for a promotion and powerfully self-advocating for himself
Chin Chi - Art Therapist, Our Oasis Therapy

Harlow Lachance

Data Analyst

Sophia on facing hardship in her career that knocked her confidence, but finding clarity and transforming into a strong advocate for herself
Chin Chi - Art Therapist, Our Oasis Therapy

Sophia Wilson

Climate Action Strategic Communications

“I could feel that coaching was working when I started to approach job searching with a different mindset.”

Before I met Sophee, I was feeling very stuck. I was lacking focus, feeling like there are too many options, but like I had no options at the same time. I could feel that coaching was working when I started to approach job searching with a different mindset. I was able to see how I might be getting in my own way and started to learn that I have nothing to lose if I go all in towards my goal. It was helpful when Sophee would ask me why I believe certain things, and I learned these beliefs/fears are not the reality. I am now convinced that it is possible for me to reach my goals and find a fulfilling job that I  will be proud of.


Vancouver, Canada

“Through her questions, we were able to find a good memory I had that I didn't realize I could utilize to have high confidence myself again.”

In just one session, Sophee allowed me to come to certain realizations that I couldn't have come to on my own. Sophee is incredibly easy to talk to and that made me feel relaxed and at ease, even when I felt tense talking about the root cause of my fear of failure. She was also perceptive to my body language while I was talking about certain thoughts, which I can imagine isn't the easiest thing to do over Zoom. Through her questions, we were able to find a good memory I had that I didn't realize I could utilize to have high confidence myself again. It is very clear Sophee knows what she is doing!

Nur Awad

Tamra, Israel

“I was able to get the dream job I had been wanting for a long time!”

I wanted to try career coaching because I was struggling to break out of the unsuccessful routine I had fallen into in applying over and over for years. It had become such a familiar routine that I couldn't see any other options. I wanted to change but I didn't know what I could do differently. Being able to reframe my negative experiences as positive desirable qualities gave me hope that my future doesn't have to reflect my past. I felt more confident about interviews and as a result I was able to get the dream job I had been wanting for a long time!

Jenn Pomponio

Hayward, California

“Since working with her, I have been asked to join a company as a partner instead of an employee, which is better suited to my entrepreneurial spirit.”

I was experiencing burnout in a field that I was no longer passionate about and had no idea where to go next. I feel a lot more at ease about my future. Working with Sophee helped me regain my confidence and be more intentional about how I presented myself to potential employers. Since working with her, I have been asked to join a company as a partner instead of an employee, which is better suited to my entrepreneurial spirit. Sophee helped me realize that this type of working relationship is part of what I need to be happy and have a balanced working experience.


Vancouver, Canada

“Now I feel confident that this new career field was the right one for me.”

Walking away from the coaching experience, I achieved my ultimate goal: I transitioned into a new field, earning a higher salary than I did before, without having to go back to school. The tools and resources Sophee shared along the coaching journey made a huge difference in the transition process. The mock interview we did before my real interviews helped me to practice and feel more prepared, which ultimately led to me landing a job in a new field, like I had hoped. I also learned strategies for my mindset that I will use in the future when I'm feeling stressed again. Now, I get out of the stress zone faster. I was surprised that some of the sessions had such deep questions. I think I was surprised by some of my own answers to those questions. I appreciated them because they made me think through things and recognize the "why" behind some of my approaches to life and job seeking. Now I feel confident that this new career field was the right one for me.

Valerie Moroz

Austin, Texas

“Coaching helped me focus on breaking down abstract goals into something more tangible and approachable, identifying the gap between where I am and where I want to be.”

My overall goal was to get a new job that was more aligned with me, and I got it! Sophee supported me with creating actionable items, and then being accountable to them really helped in taking steps towards my goal. The coaching helped me focus on breaking down abstract goals into something more tangible and approachable, identifying the gap between where I am and where I want to be, and keeping a positive mindset throughout the whole process. I'll certainly be more positive about myself and my value. I have a tendency to skew negative, and the coaching experience helped me realize how doing so can be more self-sabotaging than anything else. I spend so much time thinking about "what if things don't go well;" it helped to have someone counter "but what if they do?"

Emil Yan

“I saw that she genuinely cared and wanted to help support me.”

Working with Sophee allowed me to see that I can find ways to make small improvements in my current role which can have large impacts to overall quality of life, and I'm examining why I think a certain way and how to make that thinking work for me. I surprised myself with how open I was and how much I was willing to share with Sophee. I think this is because of how comfortable she made me feel and I felt like I could trust her because I saw that she genuinely cared and wanted to help support me. I would also say that I really appreciated the resources she was able to share with me that I did not know even existed.

Koonal Patel

“I no longer felt the anxiety I have always felt.”

I was so indecisive before this coaching program. I was unable to make my own decisions and I was always looking to people for answers so I could avoid making my own decisions. Things really started to change when I got in the swing of having boundaries set. I no longer spoke to my friends and family every single day, allowing me to make my decisions. I no longer felt the anxiety I have always felt. It’s all still a work in progress, but I now can recognize the things I need to continue to work on and the growth that I have had since starting with Sophee.


Vancouver, Canada

“I have become more self aware and confident.”

In the beginning of our session, I was very apprehensive. I did not know what I was looking for or what I wanted to change. Through the journey, I explored more about who I was and what were the characteristics that defined me. I also identified what I wanted and learnt to achieve it. I have become more self aware and confident. I have also learnt to not be afraid of the future but look forward to it. I also had an issue regarding making informed decisions and I believe it has also been resolved.

S. Ramkumar

Mumbai, India