CREATE the right career for you with Career CONFIDENCE

CREATE the right career for you with Career CONFIDENCE

Grab a pen and paper. This is not just another thing to read. It is an invitation to act.

Are you thinking about changing careers, or what your dream job should be?

You may find yourself here because you are asking, “What career is right for me?”

Let’s switch up the question a bit to help find an answer. How about, “How do I create the career that is right for me?”

This is a hard question when we doubt our own ability to create what we want. If you are feeling stuck, move forward with steps to creating more career confidence.

Create the Right Career for You with Career Confidence

Practice makes perfect confidence. And it doesn't have to be perfect.

Before we have confidence, we usually need to do the scary thing first. Confidence rarely comes before the action you want to take, but what you can do is close the gap between where you are now and the next step you need to take. Closing the gap just means breaking down your goal into smaller and smaller action steps, until they feel like a stretch but doable.

What could you do if you had more confidence in creating the right career?

What could you do if you had more confidence in navigating the unknowns in your career?

I'm here to tell you: a heck of a lot.

What is career confidence?

Career confidence is not just self-confidence. It is the combination of how clear you are on your life's passions and purpose, and how that translates into your career plan and goals.

How do I get more career confidence?

To get more career confidence, it requires a one-two punch. You have to 1) know your vision for your life and 2) then make actionable, small steps that align with your vision.

You can get clear on your vision over a period of time; it doesn’t have to be one eureka moment. Just doing a visioning exercise starts opening doors for you to operate in the world differently, and pay attention to what you want to create. Getting clear on your vision is the number one thing you can do to get closer to creating more career confidence today, enabling you to create the right career for you.

Your Vision:


How do you know if you are making the "right" decision?

No one likes making mistakes. Some will do anything to avoid failing, even if it means never seeing one's vision come to life. I have seen some people being afraid of even thinking of what they want; in the moment, the fear of people putting their dreams down is stronger than their desire to have their dreams come true.

If this describes you, then know that it is okay and a common experience. No matter how you feel, take this time to completely throw “how is this working to work” through the window.

Grab Your Pen and Paper

Prepare with a deep breath to ask yourself (without any question of how to do it):

What do I want in my career and life?

For instance, let’s imagine we’re one year in the future. Take a deep breath and for the next five minutes, imagine where everything in your work and life is totally ideal. Set aside HOW you will get there, and simply focus on what you want to create. What will your work and life look like in this one year ideal future? What would change specifically from today?

Proceed after this 5+ minute exercise.

What did you see and feel?

Did you have an easy time once you got started? Or did you feel stuck? Both are acceptable and give you valuable information.

If you know what you want your life to look like, then what is slowing you down or stopping you?

If you don’t, then what is keeping you away from your own desires for yourself?

I know firsthand the importance of having confidence about your career. I have been stuck and controlled by the fear of making mistakes before I reached out for support to build career confidence and start taking actions to achieve my vision. I learned action creates confidence, not the other way around.