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Savor the Good Now for the Right Mindset Later

Updated: Jun 10

It's time to savor the good now for the right mindset later.

Recent insights from neuroscience have confirmed the theory of neuroplasticity, essentially the idea that the brain is not fixed but an organ of experience. One of the exciting implications of neuroplasticity is that it can be self-directed, meaning we can deliberately cultivate some brain states over others. In short, we can train our brains for resilience and happiness in the face of uncertainty and fear. Making it a regular practice can really give you traction with hardwiring your brain for happiness in your career and in other areas of life. Dr. Rick Hanson developed a technique called H.E.A.L., a 4-step technique for processing positive experiences. An guided meditation is available for this technique by its creator Dr. Rick Hanson. Entitled "Taking in the Good," you can find it here: You can find it under "MEDITATIONS TO BE - HAPPY + CONTENT"

The 4 Steps to H.E.A.L.

Step 1: Have a positive experience

Bring a positive experience into awareness. This can be done simply by noticing pleasant sensations in your external environment right now. You may also remember experiences from the past and things for which you are grateful, or an event to which you are looking forward.

Step 2: Enrich the experience Stay with the experience for a few seconds. The key is to really activate the full breadth of the experience, so it’s not just positive thinking. Really open up to the body sensations and associated thoughts. Let all the dimensions of the experience fill your mind and build in intensity. Think about what is helpful, nourishing, new, or exciting about the experience.

Step 3: Absorb the experience Allow the experience to really sink in. Visualize the elements of the experience coming together in your heart or in the neural networks of your brain. Note that this state of mind is actually accessible to you at any moment with practice and that it can be a resource that you can call upon when you are going through difficult times.

Step 4: Link the experience to positive and negative material Once you have the sense of the positive experience in the foreground of your mind, you can also try to notice related negative content in the background. Try to bring the two experiences together and see if the positive experience reduces the prominence of the negative experience. If you feel that the negative experiences start to dominate, let go of the negative and try to focus again on the positive.

Happy HEAL-ing!

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