• Sophee Payne

One Thing to Try Out Now to Boost Your Career Confidence

Updated: Jun 10

Use a special writing prompt to create more confidence in a certain area of your career.

A great prompt for building confidence is: I was able to [refer to a specific success here] because I am [area you want to create more confidence in].

For example, to feel more confident about your skills while job hunting you could write: I was able to earn a promotion in my last job because I am highly skilled in data analysis and working as part of a cohesive team This prompt has been shown in academic, peer-reviewed studies to give people effective, long-term results for using it consistently. It has been shown to increase confidence, performance and, in some studies, persistence in the face of failure.

It's called "directed abstraction," which means considering how a specific success may have more general implications (this is the abstraction part) and also ensuring this thinking is directed towards how one's personal qualities were key to the success. Use this regularly, about once a week, to consistently benefit from this technique.

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